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Specializing in food safety testing reagents, equipment, and related laboratory supplies sales and services.
Talents REAGEN INC also cross-regional United Nations domestic well-known biological pharmaceutical companies to form a strategic partnership, the introduction of advanced management concepts, and improve the management level of enterprises in an all-round way

2012—— In terms of technological innovation, the company has always attached importance to the building of technological innovation capability and the construction of product echelons. The company now has a provincial technology accreditation technology center, under the jurisdiction of the three laboratories of preparation, synthesis and biology.
2012—— The company now has nearly 17 new drugs, three new drugs and two new drugs, and 1 new drugs with independent intellectual property rights.
2016—— The company has maintained good cooperation with many other scientific research institutions. The annual cost of technology R & D is up to 5% of the sales revenue.
2016—— The company has implemented a two wheel drive strategy in marketing, and has always adhered to the business mode of the overseas middle end market and the domestic middle and low end market.
2018—— The company aims at building a harmonious enterprise and persists in putting people first and always safeguarding the rights and interests of workers. The three party committee was awarded the title of "model enterprise of provincial harmonious labor relations" by the Provincial Committee on coordinated labor relations, and was named "the advanced collective of the city wage consultation contract" by the general trade union of the city.
2023——Company address moved to the 7098 Miratech Dr Ste 110 San Diego CA 92121 USA
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