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Company news about Live fish detected malachite green, do you still dare to eat?

Live fish detected malachite green, do you still dare to eat?


Latest company news about Live fish detected malachite green, do you still dare to eat?

The people - oriented, people to food for the day, food to ann first, food safety, related to the national economy and people's livelihood, the responsibility is heavier than mount tai. However, in recent years, food safety incidents occurred frequently, " big head doll", " poisonous rice", " poisonous milk powder", " sprite mercury poison door", " dyed steamed bread", " lean meat essence" and other events, so that the majority of consumers into extremely nervous.
In order to better cooperate with the publicity and promotion of the national food safety law, improve the food safety knowledge of the general public, enhance the awareness of food safety responsibility, prevent more food safety incidents, protect their physical and mental health and safety, so that we must cause enough attention.
Today, small plaid for everyone to bring a new live fish detection event, at the table of delicious food, also can let us on the safety of their own diet plays an indispensable role!
Soon the new year's day is coming, every family is busy preparing new year's products, go to the supermarket, vegetable market to buy fish is a must. However, in the past, the Beijing food and drug administration has released the Beijing food safety supervision and sampling information, including wal - mart, yonghui, Tesco and other supermarket sales of fresh fish were detected illegal substances malachite green. You will certainly ask: what is malachite green? What harm? Still can rest assured to buy fish?
What is malachite green for?
Malachite green is a synthetic organic compound of triphenylmethane, which is not only a dye ( pigment ) but also a bactericide. As early as the 1930 s, people found that it can kill bacteria, disease resistance, widely used in aquatic animals, is also used legally at that time.
Later in the 90 s, scientists gradually found that the material is toxic to aquatic products, may cause cancer, is basically no longer used. Malachite green is now banned from being used in aquatic products or fish for human consumption in China, the United States, the European union, Canada and Japan.
However, as malachite green can be used to control parasitic, fungal or bacterial infections of fish or fish eggs, and to prolong the shelf life of aquatic fish, there are still some unscrupulous traders who will use malachite green illegally and take risks at their own risk.
Why is malachite green detected in live fish?
As for why check out, the biggest possibility is that someone will illegally add. In fact, the illegal use of malachite green has been relatively common in China. China issued a document in 2002 as a prohibited veterinary drugs, for many years is also a key monitoring project, but still repeatedly banned. Malachite green is often found in aquatic products sold in Beijing, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shaanxi provinces.
Detect malachite green, how much harm?
See this news, everyone's most worried about is whether there is harm, also can rest assured to eat fish?
Malachite green is a non-edible substance prohibited in food in China, only use is illegal, should be severely punished. However, the detection of not necessarily toxic and harmful, whether there is harm, also depends on the specific amount of how much, how much you eat.
In fact, neither the food and agriculture organization of the United nations / world health organization joint Committee of experts on food additives ( je CFA ) nor international food safety organizations such as the international agency for cancer research ( IARC ) have assessed the food safety of malachite green, nor is there any evidence that malachite green causes cancer in humans. However, some animal experiments have found that toxic to the liver, can induce liver tumors in mice.
However, the international organization of genetic carcinogens recognition principle is: generally carefully think that those who have been confirmed to cause cancer to animals, may also have potential carcinogenic harm to humans. Therefore, malachite green ban is put forward from the perspective of risk management. For this reason, China also prohibits the use of malachite green.
The CDC of Shaanxi province has evaluated the pollution and dietary exposure of malachite green in freshwater fish. the results show that malachite green is common in freshwater fish and illegal use is serious. however, in terms of dietary exposure, malachite green is also a low risk to human health.
Malachite green has also been detected in live fish products sold in hong kong by the hong kong food safety centre, usually in the range of 3 - 480 ug / kg, compared with 7 - 34.94 ug / kg in this exposure. The hong kong food safety centre has assessed on the basis of their test results that the intake of malachite green at that level is unlikely to have a serious impact on human health., if the international standard risk assessment method is adopted and based on the results of animal experiments, it is concluded that even if humans eat 290 kg of freshwater fish per day, the intake of malachite green will not have a serious impact on health., as for eels with a high malachite green content, even if humans eat up to 7 kg per day, it will not have a serious impact on health. By comparison, malachite green detected this time in China will not have much risk.
In general, malachite green is indeed a non-edible substance, illegal addition should be severely punished, the government should strengthen supervision. However, we should also correctly understand the amount of malachite green may produce harm, rather than " talk about green change". In fact, the occasional food risk is not necessarily high.
What about consumers?
However, there are still a lot of people don't trust, and malachite green, after all, is not something, want to eat less as far as possible. So, what should I do?
The proposal of the booklet is that when consumers buy fish and other aquatic products, they should first try to buy aquatic food from the formal places., they should not go to small stall hawkers, especially unlicensed hawkers, because they are greedy for petty gains. In addition, in the daily diet should also pay attention to balanced diet, ensure food diversity, this also can reduce the risk of poisoning.
How can the naked eye tell?
So, how to visually identify " malachite green aquatic products"? Inspectors said, because malachite green has high residue, used malachite green fish surface color is light blue, some by the concentration of malachite green solution soaked fish, even green grass green, can be identified by observing the fins, gills. In general, gills are bright red and do not have dirt, but malachite green solution soaked gills because of excessive blood loss and white, or because of bleeding with blood stasis, purplish red.
The inspectors said that even after the use of malachite green fish death, fish scales will shine, the color is bright, as if just died, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish from the appearance, which greatly increased the probability of dead fish for sale. And no malachite green scales have no luster.
Inspectors remind the public to try to soak before draft products, so that even if the fish after malachite green solution immersion, also can dilute, and try to boil through, steamed through, don't eat raw, in order to reduce the toxicity to the human body.
Let's listen to the experts how to pick fish?
How can I pick fresh fish? Experts from Zhejiang marine aquaculture research institute put forward four suggestions:
First, fresh fish have full and prominent eyeballs, while non-fresh or frozen fish have shrunk their eyeballs.
Secondly, the fresh fish meat has good elasticity and glossy section; Fresh or frozen fish through ice crystal process, protein dehydration, poor elasticity, meat loose.
Third, fresh fish and fishbone are difficult to separate by hand, while fresh or frozen fish and fishbone are easy to separate by hand.
Fourth, fresh fish mucus transparent, not fresh or frozen fish mucus turbidity or no mucus.
These are the main indications, but also can help to see the gills, fresh gills dark red, but some frozen fish after thawing for a period of time gills will be dark red.
Therefore, the farmers, want to know how to keep good fish without malachite green?
1. must pay attention to the pond health, a batch of fry raised to do " all in and out", put clean water in, don't loathe to give up.
2. at ordinary times also must pay attention to the cleaning of fish ponds
3. must pay attention to the density of breeding, density is too large, the fish is more likely to get sick.
In addition, our scientific research workers can also work harder, learn from the advanced experience of the European union, to develop a safe, efficient, side-effect cost-free and populist vaccine, advance to the fish on the vaccination.
Nowadays, food safety has gone beyond the traditional food hygiene or food pollution, and has been related to the food management and protection of human survival and healthy development. It is not only an economic problem but also a political problem, not only a management problem but also a technical problem. Food safety needs the participation of the whole society. food safety has become a social problem of public concern.


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