KOD DNA Polymerase

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: REAGEN
Certification: CE,FDA, Canine Parvovirus
Model Number: RNR98004
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Kits
Price: interview
Packaging Details: colour box
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Detail Information
Specification: 48/96T The Reagent Is Stored: -30 ~ -15℃
Accuracy Rate: Hight Aging: Fast
The Sensitivity: 95% Time: 25 Minutes

Product Description

KOD DNA Polymerase


Feline Pestivirus Antigen Rapid Test Kit Manual

Product Name

KOD DNA Polymerase

Packing Specifications

48/96 tests/kit

Product overview

KOD DNA polymerase was isolated and purified from Thermococcus Kodakaraensis DNA polymerase gene by induced expression in Escherichia coli. Due to its strong 3 '→ 5' exonuclide activity, the Polymerase has a higher amplification fidelity than Pfu DNA Polymerase, which is about 50 times that of Taq. At the same time, the polymerase has a faster synthesis speed, polymerization rate is about 5 times that of common Pfu DNA Polymerase. Taq DNA Polymerase, which is twice the size of TAQ DNA, reaches 100-138bp/s, and can be polymerase with high yield in a short time. It is especially suitable for high-fidelity amplification of PCR products less than 6kb, and the resulting flat-ended DNA can be used in molecular biology experiments such as gene cloning, expression and mutation analysis.

Product characteristics

1.Higher fidelity than Pfu DNA polymerase, suitable for cloning
2.The yield expansion rate is 2 times faster than Taq DNA polymerase and 5 times faster than Pfu DNA polymerase
3.Sequence nucleotide polymerization is 10-15 times higher than Pfu and Tli DNA polymerase
4.Amplifies plasmid and lambda DNA template up to 6 kbp
5.Amplified genomic DNA template up to 2 kbp
6.Amplification products without truncation


1.Rapid amplification of high-fidelity DNA fragments
2.Rich in GC and complex template amplification
3.Flat end cloning mutation


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