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Qualitative And Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit
  • Qualitative And Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit

Qualitative And Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name REAGEN
Certification FAPAS
Model Number RNS92003
Product Details
96 Test
Shelf Life:
12 Months
Color Packing
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lateral flow strip kit


lateral flow elisa kit

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Minimum Order Quantity
5 kits
Packaging Details
color packing
Delivery Time
5-7 days
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Supply Ability
100 kits per month
Product Description

Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit , Novel binding protein that requires no heating step

Product Description

REAGEN™ Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit is a qualitative and rapid lateral flow assay designed to detect sulfonamide antibiotic residues in raw commingled cow’s milk. This rapid test uses a broad-spectrum binding protein which eliminates the need for a heating block, and is designed for rapid field.Examples of sulfonamide antibiotics and their limits of detection using the Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit are shown in Table 1.


The features of the kit are:

  • · Rapid strip test method –10 minutes

  • · Novel binding protein that requires no heating step

  • · High sensitivity

  • · High reproducibility


Mechanism of Reaction

The assay uses a competitive colloidal gold based format. The milk sample (200 μL) is added to a clear plastic reaction vessel, and used to resuspend the lyophilized reagents to a uniform pink color in the bottom of the microtiter wells. The milk is incubated briefly (3 min) to allow the sulfonamide binding protein on the gold particles to engage with any sulfonamide antibiotic residues present in the milk. The test strip is then inserted into the sample well with the arrows pointing downward initiating capillary flow up the strip. Any gold particles that are not complexed with antibiotics present in the milk will bind to the sulfonamide antibiotic imprinted at the Test line (T-line), forming a signal (red line) at that position. If the sulfonamide binding protein on the gold particle has engaged with antibiotic present in the milk sample, the gold particle will flow past the T-line and reach the Control line (C-line). For visual interpretation of the test results, T-line signal intensity that is stronger than the signal at the C-line indicates a negative result. Signal at the T-line which is equal or less intense compared to the C-line indicates the presence of sulfonamide antibiotic residues in the milk. The greater the reduction in signal intensity at the T-line, the greater the concentration of sulfonamide antibiotics present in the milk.


Qualitative And Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit 0

Sensitivity (Detection Limit)

Table 1:Detection limit by visual interpretation method for different sulfonamide antibiotics by Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit

name MRL ppb Detection limit ppb
sulfaquinoxaline 100 7-10
sulfamethoxypyridazine 100 8-10
sulfabenzamide 100 40
sulfamonomethoxine 100 2-4
Sulfamethoxazole 100 60-80
sulfadoxine 100 40-60
sulfadiazine 100 4-8
Sulfadimethoxine 100 3-7
sulfachlorpyridazine 100 8-10
Sulfamethoxydiazine 100 2-4
sulfamethazine 25 1-3
sulfasoxazole 100 8-12

Kit Contents, Storage and Shelf Life

REAGEN™Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit has the capacity for 96(RNS92003-01) or 192 (RNS92003-02) determinations. The shelf life is 24 months when the kit is properly stored.



Kit Contents Amount Storage
Reaction wells 8x 12 (96 total) 4°C
Test strips 8x 12 strips (96 total) 4°C
manual 1 RT


Kit Contents Amount Storage
Reaction wells 16x 12 (192total) 4°C
Test strips 16x 12 strips (192total) 4°C
manual 1 RT

A 96-well plastic frame is also provided in each kit to anchor the reaction vessels in place during testing, and can be re-used as required.


Required Materials Not Provided With the Kit

  • Timer/Watch

  • Additional positive and negative controls

  • Polypropylene tubes, clean vials, or small glass test tubes

  • Distilled water

  • Scissors to cut strip wells

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