High Reproducibility Streptomycin ELISA Veterinary Residue Test Kit

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: REAGEN
Certification: FAPAS
Model Number: RND99002
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 kits
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: color packing
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 kits per month
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Type: Reagent Size: 96 Test
Package: Color Packing Shelf Life: One Year
Cross-Reactivity (%): 100
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Streptomycin Veterinary Residue Test Kit


ELISA Veterinary Residue Test Kit


Streptomycin ELISA Test Kit

Product Description

Streptomycin ELISA Test Kit 

Product Description

REAGEN Streptomycin ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of streptomycin and dihydrostreptomycin in feed, honey, kidney, liver, meat (beef, chicken and pork), milk, serum and urine.


Sample Type

Detection Limit (ng/g or ppb)









Milk Powder










The unique features of the kit are:

  • Rapid (10 - 30 minutes), and organic reagent-free extraction methods for various samples with high recovery (75- 115%).

  • High sensitivity (0.05 ng/g or ppb) and low detection limit (1 ng/g or ppb for meat and milk).

  • High reproducibility.

  • A quick ELISA assay (less than 2 hours regardless of number of samples).


Procedure Overview

The method is based on a competitive colorimetric ELISA assay. The streptomycin antibody has been coated in the plate wells. During the analysis, sample is added along with the streptomycin-horseradish peroxidase conjugate. If the streptomycin residue is present in the sample, it will compete for the streptomycin antibody, thereby preventing the streptomycin-HRP from binding to the antibody attached to the well. The resulting color intensity, after addition of the HRP substrate (TMB), has an inverse relationship with the streptomycin residue concentration in the sample.


High Reproducibility Streptomycin ELISA Veterinary Residue Test Kit 0


ELISA Testing Protocol

Label the individual strips that will be used and aliquot reagents as the following example:



Volume per Reaction

24 Reactions

Streptomycin Antibody #1

50 mL

1.2 mL

HRP-Conjugated Antibody #2

50 mL

1.2 mL

1X Wash Solution

2.0 mL

48 mL

Stop Buffer

100 mL

2.4 mL

TMB Substrate

100 mL

2.4 mL


  • Add 50uL of each Streptomycin Standards in duplicate into different wells (F Add standards to plate only in the order from low concentration to high concentration).

  • Add 50 uL of each sample in duplicate into different sample wells.

  • Add 50 uL of HRP-Conjugated Antibody #2 and 50mL Antibody #1 to each well , mix well by gently rocking the plate manually for 1 minute.

  • Incubate the plate for 30 minutes at room temperature (20 – 25°C / 68 – 77°F) ( F Avoid direct sunlight and cold bench tops during the incubation. Covering the microtiter plate while incubating is recommended).

  • Wash the plate 5 times with 250 uL of 1X Wash Solution. After the last wash, invert the plate and gently tap the plate dry on paper towels (F Perform the next step immediately after plate washings. Do not allow the plate to air dry between working steps).

  • Add 100 uL of TMB substrate. Time the reaction immediately after adding the substrate. Mix the solution by gently rocking the plate manually for 1 minute while incubating ( F Do not put any substrate back to the original container to avoid any potential contamination. Any substrate solution exhibiting coloration is indicative of deterioration and should be discarded. Covering the microtiter plate while incubating is recommended).

  • After incubating for 15 minutes at room temperature (20 – 25°C / 68 – 77°F), add 100 uL of Stop Buffer to stop the enzyme reaction.

  • Read the plate as soon as possible following the addition of Stop Buffer on a plate reader with 450 nm wavelength (F Before reading, use a lint-free wipe on the bottom of the plate to ensure no moisture or fingerprints interfere with the readings).

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